Custom Creation

The other night as we were prepared for bed, our youngest asked, "Where's Dad?" She looked very concerned when I told her that Dad wasn't home yet, so I explained that if she fell asleep quickly, she could see him again when she opens her eyes. Her little face relaxed, and she went back to play. When her siblings asked the same question a few moments later, she matter-of-factly reported that he was working late and that we would all see him tomorrow.

The children have always loved their father, but toddlerhood has recently equipped  them with the skills necessary to express this sentiment. They're sad when Dad leaves for the day. They're bundles of excitement when Dad's car pulls up the driveway. Throughout the day, they remind us of how Dad has to work in order to make money to buy them trains. Given how much they receive from their father, it's befitting to actually make something for their dad this Father's Day. And since Mom will be doing most of the work, it better be something easy. The Sharpie mug has been something that has made the internet rounds and plays to their love of doodling. Fingers crossed that creativity stays contained on the mug.

What you will need: 

STEP 1: Remove any stickers or sticker residue from your mug using nail polish remover. Wash the mug with soap and water. Dry completely.

STEP 2: Apply the repositionable letters to the mug, taking extra care with the edges.

STEP 3: Apply masking tape around the top and bottom edge of the mug. This keeps the markers from getting to any place that lips might touch.

STEP 4: Let the little ones go to town with the Sharpie markers.

STEP 5: Remove stickers and tape. Clean off stray marks with nail polish remover. Don't worry about the tape residue for now. Let the mug dry overnight.

Since we have a wide mug, I added what the kids actually call father on the other side.

STEP 6: Place the mug in a cold oven. Set the temperature to 425 degrees. Bake for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven. Leave the mug in the oven till cool before taking out. Remove any visible tape residue with nail polish remover. Note that the colors will appear a little darker now that the marker paint has fused into the mug's glaze.


And there you have it! Our first handmade Father's Day present that even 2-year-olds can "help" make. The mug may be dishwasher safe, but I would recommend handwashing just in case.

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