Printables 02: A Card for Any Occasion


Sometimes, the best laid plans fall short during the hectic holiday season. We planned on ordering all presents months in advance to ensure that everything would arrive and be wrapped in time, but the mailman must have fallen asleep. That's where easy to whip up homemade cards come into play.

What you will need

  • one sheet of white printer paper
  • one sheet of cardstock in any color (we happened to have one in an unfestive gray, but the card still came out alright)
  • scissors or hobby knife
  • ruler
  • gluestick

STEP 1: Save the linked CARD file. Print at actual size.


STEP 2: Cut  along the solid lines.

STEP 3: Glue card onto cardstock, making sure not to adhere the gift image. Trim excess cardstock along the edges. Fold card along the dotted line. OPTIONAL: Create a belly band for the card by wrapping and gluing the patterned strip.

To make the card feel even more special, we converted the Shadow Magnets Gift Wrap into an envelope. The pop-up element makes opening thing the card a little more of an experience.

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