As someone who frequents d.i.y. blogs, we've noticed a recent proliferation of postings on using paint to give new life to upholstery that's past its prime. Not ambitious enough to tackle a project of such grand scale, we thought that we could start a little smaller. The Re•pose chair has good bones, after all, so why not use it as a blank slate to see where we can go?

We first started off by spraypainting the Re•pose chair in glossy white. As it turns out, the material of the chair reacted with the paint, so instead of a smooth white surface, we got bumps and bubbles. Quite the dissapointment at first, but the texture quickly grew on us.


While waiting for the paint to dry, we trolled the internet for inspiration, selected a palette (using plain ol' acrylic paint), and took the plunge. We're glad we took on merely a desktop armchair rather than an entire sofa because the painting process took HOURS. That said, we love the result.

The Re•pose legs pose in such vivid contrast to vibrant flowers and white base. The missus is pleased with this update to her command chair.


The mister got curious, so he decided to try out this new chair as well.