Memories by the Book


Back in my younger days, I used to look through old family albums and ask, "Hey Mom! What happened during my first 6 months of life?" Being the second born, the parents apparently forgot to take pictures in the madness of everyday living. These days, smart phones have transformed how we document much of what used to exist only in memory. I, for one, intentionally limit the number of apps on my phone in order to maximize space for photos. They are my prized possessions. Yet, they are, for the most part, stuck in the digital world. With the recent proliferation of online printing services, however, there really is no excuse to perpetuate the imprisonment of beloved memories. The following are a couple of my favorites:

Collect Screenshot - Photo View.PNG
Collect Screenshot - Tags View.PNG

There are couple of Photo-A-Day apps out there. This one's my favorite. The clean design and intuitive editing capabilities make what could be a daily chore feel like a satisfying accomplishment. The best part of this app is its ability to export images either as individual cards or as monthly calendars for print.


Making a photo book takes time, and that's the usual excuse for not making one. Photo Magic makes it easy. Simply text them a few photos (at least 21), and a trained professional will generate the layout for you in about an hour. Review the digital proof. Request changes. Purchase the album, and find it in your mailbax within 4-7 days. Prices start at $14.99 for a 20-page 8 x 8 inch softcover book and $29.99 for a hardcover version.


A layflat and flush mount 5 x 7 inch album for a new user trial price of $5 (+$5 shipping)? Sign me up!. Literally. I'm waiting for my little black book to arrive any day now. The online application is very easy to use. Online reviews for Artisan State is a little mixed, but the price can't be beat. Will report on the quality once my book arrives.