A Very Hipster Easter

Growing up, Easter was all about bunnies and flowers and all things pastel. It was all a little too much pretty for me. And all that dying with food coloring or onion peels and vinegar –– so messy. That said, I love the shape of eggs, not perfect geometrically but iconically recognizable. After scouring the internet for some inspiration. we decided to break out our trusty black and white markers to attempt some artificial enhancement using stereotypical hipster motifs because eggs are cool that way.

What you will need:

  • Hard boiled room temperature brown eggs
  • Black permament markers in various thicknesses
  • White paint markers in various thicknesses

STEP 1: Sketch out a couple ideas.

STEP 2: Make sure that your eggs are room tempature and dry. Otherwise, they might sweat and cause your markers to bleed. Draw. That's it!


We set out to decorate six eggs but ended up doing a lot more because the process was so fun and easy!