A Store of One's Own


Here at Elements2 Design, we think we have some pretty cool products. The internet has served us well in introducing our creations to all corners of the globe, but truth be told, nothing beats experiencing our products live. As our resolution for the new year, we hope to provide more people a chance to interact with our product lines in-person. Interested in joining our mission? We would love to partner with you to set up kiosks or in-store displays that invite interaction!


Shadow Magnets and Blind Date stick to metal surfaces. Pendulums swing on ledges. Re•pose, Sillhuettes, and Kosters thrive on tabletops. Inspired by modular shelving units, we have designed a kiosk and in-store display system that makes it easy to flex and contract to suit available space while providing the ideal display environment for each product line. It requires minimal investment, and construction is a snap. The following are sample specs for a kiosk that can be easily set up as a freestanding pop-up store:


Or perhaps you are already a store owner looking for ideas on how to expand product offerings? Our system can be readily adapted into a wall display. An option below:


We are really excited by the possibilitiies of this joint venture. Select product lines have done well in museum shops and premium gift shops, but outside of our website, we have never offered our products as a branded experience. Join us!

For more info, email us!

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